SHIF is responsible for 17 different sports for athletes with disabilities

Swedish Sports Organization for the Disabled (SHIF) and the Swedish Paralympic Committee (SPK)

David Lega is a board member at SHIF/SPK and has been since 2003.
The Swedish Sports Organization for the Disabled (in Swedish: Svenska Handikappidrottsförbundet (SHIF)) is a sport association which organises sport for people with disabilities, including sight and developmental disabilities, in 17 different sports.  The Association was founded in 1969 and joined the Swedish Sport Federation (Riksidrottsförbundet (RF)).  SHIF has 450 associations and 40,000 members of which about 25,000 are currently active sportsmen and women.   
Swedish Paralympic Committee (SPK) has the overarching responsibility for paralympic sport, which includes sport organised within eight other special sport federations. 

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