LegaWear Suits

Everyone has the right to nice clothing.
LegaWear is based on the basic idea that everyone, no matter the shape of their body, wants attractive and fashionable clothing.

LegaWear was started in 2005.  When it opened for business, it was the first opportunity for people with disabilities to buy suits which fit properly, without them costing more than similar suits for people without disabilities.

How does it work?
Buyers log in to www.legawear.com and create a profile.  In addition to filling in the standard information such as login name and password, the customer specifies his or her personal measurements in the profile.  A special ‘measurement-assistant’ tool helps the customers by describing and showing how the measurements should be taken. 

When the profile is complete, it’s time to go shopping in the webshop.  The customer can choose all from design to colours and create the clothing exactly the way they want it.  Payment is via PayPal and the whole process takes 15 minutes. 

Delivery to anywhere in the world is free of charge and takes about six weeks.

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