The Penguin T-Shirt Collection


In 2008, LegaWear and Dragster Advertising Agency created a new collection of t-shirts under the name Penguin Collection.

The goal: to inspire people to stop obsessing about everyone else’s successes and instead enjoy their own successes!  To work to be better, instead of being best.
Or, like penguins, ”THEY CAN’T FLY, THEY DON’T CARE”.

The T-shirts are for everyone, but the fit works well for people in wheelchairs.  They are a little longer, so that they don’t slide up when you sit down.  The design is higher up in order to be seen better.  The tag with the logo is on the arm instead of further down.  And so on.

All T-shirts can be bought at David’s webshop LegaStore. 

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  The Penguin Collection