Davids Stairway

A man and his vision.
A nation of endless needs.
The victory of the human spirit.

“Absolutely A+ brilliant!”
Anoo Cottoor, Artistic Director, New York International Independent Film and Video Festival

This is the story of David Lega, former Paralympic swimmer, and his resolve to open a center for the disabled in Tirana, Albania.
David has participated in two Paralympic Games (Atlanta 1996 and Sydney 2000) and has set 14 world records in swimming.  He is one of Sweden’s most well known and successful disabled sportsmen, and is now an inspirational speaker and businessman.

In ‘David’s Stairway’ we follow David in his work to start a Disability Centre, from the start to the grand opening.  We see all the problems he meets along the way, but also all the fun and laughs along the way.  He talks at length about his situation, daily life in a wheelchair and how he would like to see people treating people with disabilities. 
David Lega is a person who proves that anything is possible despite the odds. 

The film won the Gold Medal at the Swedish Film and Video Festival and was named as best foreign documentary at the New York International Independent Film and Video Festival. 

The filmmakers are Johan Simonsson and Leif Simonsson.
Film length: 58 minutes

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