HandsFree David Legas Inspiring Journey

HandsFree David Legas Inspiring Journey is available at the LegaStore

”I have travelled around the world, but I cannot even travel in a tram without assistance. 
I am one of Sweden’s most successful athletes, but I have still not discovered how I can throw darts with my mouth.
I have set fourteen world records in swimming, but I still need help to get my swimsuit on.
I am David Lega.
I am 29 years old.
I am one of the most disabled people you will ever meet.
This is my story.”

In 1998 David Lega released his first book, ” HandsFree – David Lega’s Inspiring Journey”, written by Petter Karlsson and published by Bokförlaget DN.

When the hardback edition sold out, David Lega decided to release the book in a paperback edition in 2001, together with Starfalk Förlag.
In 2008 the book was published in English together with Starfalk.  The English edition is also available as an audio book.

All editions are available for purchase in David’s webshop LegaStore, or in bookshops.

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