What is LegaWear?

Lt. Ian James Brown - U.S. Air Force

In 2005 David Lega launched a new business idea – unique in the world – with his friend Andreas Stenerdahl.  The creation of unique suits which could fit all people, no matter what their body shape, was for many people a dream before LegaWear was founded.

The cost of tailoring such clothing was entirely too expensive in most countries.  The alternative of travelling to countries such as Thailand where one can be properly measured and purchase clothes tailormade for the customer, was still too expensive for most customers, even when the travel was possible.

However, during his worldwide travels as an athlete and a speaker, David gained a unique network of tailors who helped him to create clothing for himself at the beginning of the 2000s.  David and Andreas started discussing the possibilities of making such a system accessible online, so that anyone with a disability in Sweden could also order the clothing without having to travel.  After several years of preparation LegaWear was launched in 2005 and was an immediate success.

After their success with suits, LegaWear expanded their collection in order to offer suitdresses and blouses for women in 2006. In 2008 LegaWear, together with Dragster Advertising Agency, launched The Penguin Collection, offering t-shirts for everyone whether they have a disability or not.

In 2009 LegaWear launched their operation in the USA where there was also great interest.  There is no other system like it anywhere else in the world.

How does it work?
Buyers log in to www.legawear.com and create a profile.  In addition to filling in the standard information such as login name and password, the customer specifies his or her personal measurements in the profile.  A special ‘measurement-assistant’ tool helps the customers by describing and showing how the measurements should be taken. 

When the profile is complete, it’s time to go shopping in the webshop.  The customer can choose all from design to colours and create the clothing exactly the way they want it.  Payment is via PayPal and the whole process takes 15 minutes. 

Delivery to anywhere in the world is free of charge and takes about six weeks.

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