Mobycator was founded in the beginning of 2007 to develop a publishing system for mobile phones.  The founder, Martin Eriksson, is now the MD. David Lega AB owns a share of Mobycator AB.

Mobycator produces and delivers mobile phone solutions which are tailor made for the customer, in order to simplify and increase effectiveness of the customer’s handling of digital media.  Most recently Mobycator has developed software for mobile phones called MobycatorTV.  The program uploads pictures and videos with titles, descriptions, search terms and more, from mobile phones to a server connected to the internet.
This technique has been adapted for two separate functions
•    A simpler free of charge version for private individuals who are connected to the web community
•    A commercial version for businesses, with which customers can maintain control over their media as well as a user-friendly, web-based publishing tool.

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