History and Background

”David is someone who gives others faith in life —
as a gift and a fantastic opportunity.
Someone who himself shows what we can do when,
with other people’s help,
we start believing in ourselves.”

The Outstanding Young Person of the World Award

Brought up in a family of self-employed business people, it was natural for David Lega to start and run his own companies.  David’s father Michael is a dentist and his mother Karin a psychologist; together they have always run their own businesses and projects.  It was not a big step for David to start Lega Föreläsningar HB (Lega Talks), his first company, at the age of 23.  This later turned into David’s first limited company, David Lega AB. 

Leadership and entrepreneurship have always been a driving force in David’s life and he has never been afraid of trying new ideas and enterprises. 

In 2005 he started LegaWear together with his close friend Andreas Stenerdahl.  LegaWear is a brand of clothing for everyone who finds it difficult to buy attractive clothing because of their body shape.  In 2009 LegaWear expanded into the American market.

In 2005, David was named as The Outstanding Young Person of the
World.  The recognition – from Future Leaders – was awarded for the first time in 1938 in the USA with the aim of honouring ‘the best, brightest and most inspirational leaders.’  The honour is shared with many famous names and great leaders who have received the award in the past.  Previous prizewinners include Orson Welles, Nelson Rockefeller, Leonard Bernstein, John F. Kennedy, Wayne Gretzky and Elvis Presley.

In recent years David has developed his entrepreneurship and today is a joint owner of many businesses.  Read more at Business Portfolio. 

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