Speaking topics

”Goal setting has always been extremely important for David Lega.
Being the best he can be has always been more important than medals or being the best in the world. 
Today he is one of the most in demand speakers in Sweden.”

Stefan Jonsson
SAJ Agency

David Lega talks about how we can push our boundaries.  His talks are always tailored to his audience.  His main thesis is that all people can develop and achieve more than they thought possible, according to their own abilities.  

Motivation, inspiration and entrepreneurship mixed with humour and happiness in an interactive dialogue with the audience, means that no-one leaves a David Lega talk unmoved. 

Sample Lecture Titles

•    Love, support, demand and praise – the four factors of self-confidence
•    We control our brains and our brains control us
•    Push your boundaries / positive thinking
•    Dare to be better – don’t worry about being best
•    Dare to do something new

Sample lecture subjects

•    Objective and subjective success
•    Entrepreneurship
•    Dare to praise / dare to set demands
•    What is a good life?
•    Goal setting model – the wheel
•    Feel better and get more done
•    Understand your own limitations
•    How do I encourage someone who doesn’t want encouragement?
•    Short-term and long-term kindness

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