History and Merits

”David Lega makes people look at things differently.
He inspires people to push their limits and encourages them to dare.
David’s commitment and curiosity have no limits.’

Award Speech, Speaker of the Year 2004
Swedish Event Academy (Svenska EventAkademin)

As early as 1994, David Lega started meeting and talking with schoolchildren about goal setting and personal development.  After the Paralympics in Atlanta in 1996 interest increased from the business community and David found new audiences to share his philosophy with.  Demand for his talks increased at avalanche speed and David managed to combine giving talks with his swimming career and studies in the law at Gothenburg University.  

After the Paralympics in Sydney in 2000 he retired from swimming in order to concentrate fully on his speaking career.  During the past ten years David has spoken to and inspired hundreds of thousands of people worldwide on such topics as leadership, elite sports, and goal setting as well as healthcare. 

In 2004 David Lega was named as Speaker of the Year in Sweden, a great honour.

What people have said about David Lega as a speaker

”A world class speaker.”
”Knowledgeable in all areas and pulls all the right strings”
”David is a combination of comedian, sportsman, entertainer and extremely good speaker.”
”Moved all of us.  There wasn’t a dry eye in the house.”
”The best we’ve heard.”
”What incredible focus, strength and energy. ”
”He connected to the audience and made them feel really special.”
”The audience was a combination of people of all ages from age 10.  I am convinced that everyone learned something new and gained new perspectives.”
”Far exceeded expectations. ”
”This was the best ever. ”
”A top day in a class of its own. ”
”David Lega’s lecture is one I’ll remember for a long time. ”
”David Lega, brilliant!”
”Absolutely dazzling. ”
”Lega has a remarkable ability to reach his public.”
”We could have listened for twice as long. ”
”A fantastic evening which we still talk about and refer to a month later. ”
”Warmth, charm, candor, great speaking style, humility and the videos were very entertaining and provocative. ”