David Lega Competitions

David Lega awarded the medals at the Swedish Championships in Swimming 2005

Inspired by David Lega’s successful sporting career, several swimming competitions for juniors have been started in his name. 

David Lega Distance Cup
A swimming competition for disabled children and juniors which makes it possible to compete at a distance from the competition.  All competitors swim at their home pools, throughout Sweden and their results are entered into a list on the internet.  This enables the swimmers to compete against each other and compare times with other swimmers without paying travel costs.  This is intended to complement other swimming competitions.  David Lega founded the competition in 2002 and funds it.

David Lega Talent Cup

In 2000 David Lega’s swimming club Mölndals ASS started a children’s and junior competition in his name to honour his swimming career.  The competition is unique in Sweden in that it has races for both non-disabled and disabled swimmers and is the only integrated swimming competition in the country.  The David Lega Talent Cup celebrated its 10 year anniversary in 2009 and is held each January in David’s home pool Åby Swimming Pool.