Swedish Sports Academy

David Lega and HRH the Crown Princess Victoria of Sweden at the Swedish Sports Gala 2003

David Lega was invited to join the Swedish Sports Academy in 2000 and appointed to the board in 2005. The Swedish Sports Academy is an organisation which chooses the prize winners for the Swedish Sport Gala (Svenska Idrottsgalan), among other things.

The Swedish Sports Academy is a voluntary society, and its members are prominent representatives of Swedish sport, who both love sport and work actively to develop sport and sporting opportunities.  The members include both active and formerly active sportsmen and women, sportswriters, trainers, and members of sporting associations and clubs.    

The Academy was created in order to:
•    Give the Swedish Sports Gala a broad and independent foundation
•    Establish a number of prizes, to be awarded annually at the Sports Gala
•    Develop and implement the nominations and voting process leading up to the prize awarding.